GC/Wii DSP plugin for IDA

This project adds support for the DSP present in the Gamecube and the Wii to IDA, the Interactive Disassembler [1]. This allows easy analyze of a DSP ucode, handling cross-references, control flow, and so on.


  • Python >= 2.6
  • IDA >= 6.1 (other versions may work, not tested)
  • IDAPython >= 1.5.2 (same as IDA, other versions not tested)

How to install?

Copy gcdsp.py and gcdsp_generated.py to the "procs/" directory under IDA root. If installation worked correctly, you should be able to choose "GC/Wii DSP: gcdsp" as the CPU type when opening a new file.


See AUTHORS for more details.


gcdsp-ida is licensed under the GNU GPLv2. See LICENSE.

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